The Tragedy of Falun Gong Practitioners
Symposiums Held to Denounce Evil Cult

Upon learning of the incident involving Falun Gong practitioners who set themselves ablaze, various offices and organizations held symposiums Thursday to voice their indignation over the crimes committed by the cult.

The incident completely demonstrates the anti-society and anti-human nature of the evil cult, said the participants of the symposiums, which were respectively held by the Taiwan Work Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the China Anti-Destructive Cult Association.

The participants held that the Falun Gong cult, in the name of practicing religion and protecting human rights, turns a blind eye to life and even tries extreme means to damage social stability, thus it is a destructive cult in nature.

However, the participants pointed out, the Taiwan authority and some political cliques in Taiwan support the Falun Gong cult to suit their evil intention of splitting the motherland, which is harmful to the steady and healthy development of across-Straits relations.

The participants all called for tighter and resolute measures to root out the evil cult because they believe it is a malign tumor to society.

(Xinhuanet 02/01/2001)