The Tragedy of Falun Gong Practitioners
Comment on US Double Standards for Heresies

The crazy Falun Gong followers' tragic suicidal blaze in Tiananmen Square has torn off the last fig-leaf of the Falun Gong cult. Falun Gong's lie about "truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance" has unveiled its evil heretic nature in the crazy Falun Gong followers' suicidal blaze.

The evil of heresies, besides misleading the public by evil doctrine, exercising spiritual control, deifying the founder of a religion, forming an association surreptitiously, illegally accumulating wealth and antagonizing society, has a distinct characteristic, that is, adopting the extreme method of roping crazy followers into collective suicidal blaze and thus ruining their lives. Seeing through the criminal nature of the heretic Falun Gong cult, the Chinese government has made the correct decision on banning the Falun Gong cult. This move is not only in conformity with the will and interests of the Chinese people, but has won the favor and support of many countries.

However, the Chinese government's ban of the Falun Gong cult, an act belonging to China's internal affair, has incurred the unwarranted charges from the United States. After the occurrence of the incident of the suicidal blaze of crazy Falung Gong followers, the US State Department spokesman on January 24 once again attacked the Chinese government's ban of the Falun Gong cult, went so far as to ask the Chinese government to set free Falun Gong ringleaders who violated the law by disturbing social order, brazenly boosting the latter's arrogance.

Those scientifically-minded and unbiased people can see that heretic organizations, without exception, confuse and poison people's minds under the signboard of religion, causing serious harm to society. Since more than 900 followers of the US heresy- "the People's Temple", died by collectively taking poison in the Guyana wood in the 1970s, there has been frequent occurrence in recent years of tragedy caused by heresies in complete disregard of human life in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In 1993, 86 followers of US "Branch Davidian" committed collective self-burning; in 1994, 53 Swiss and Canadian followers of "the Order of the Solar Temple" agreed to blaze their own bodies; in 1995, Japanese Aum Doomsday released poison gas in Tokyo subway, causing the tragedy in which 12 people died and 5,500 others injured; in 1997, 39 believers of US "Heaven's Gate" killed themselves by collectively taking poison; in 2000, 530 believers of the Ugandan heretic organization-"the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God" died in the sea of flame.

These bloody facts have their common points: First, crazy followers of heresies lost their lives under the instigation of evil doctrines such as "eschatology" and "going up to the heaven". Second, Followers of heretic organizations generally disown all their relatives and friends and make no distinction between the old and the young. Followers of the US "Heaven's Gate" cult changed their names and cut off any contacts with their families, pursuing only quick death; among the lives ruined by heresies, innocent youngsters make up a no small proportion; among those who burned themselves in "the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God", 78 were children. Third, they set themselves against the government in an organized, planned and premeditated way. The organizational form of Aum Doomsday patterned on Japan's state administrative organizations, in order to create chaos, Aum chiefs carefully plotted the incident, they simultaneously released poison gas in five streetcars of three subways; the US "Branch Davidian" even set up "an independent kingdom" to resist the force of the fully armed US federal special agents.

A comparison with the above-mentioned heresies makes it easy to see the crazy Falun Gong followers' suicidal blaze incident concocted by Li Hongzhi, their means are exactly the same, the cruelty of Falun Gong's incident even outdid the above heresies. It can be said the Falun Gong and the above heresies are the same in their anti-science, anti-society and anti-humanity nature. Precisely because of this, in their attitude toward heresies the governments of various countries around the world adopt measures including legally banning and launching armed attacks on heresies, giving them relentless heavy blows.

After the occurrence of the incident of Aum Doomsday releasing poison gas, the Japanese government not only arrested the Aum chief Shoko Asahara and large number of backbone elements, and sentenced seven ringleaders to death, but also passed a bill for specifically dealing with Aum members. Germany and France also sent in succession the chieftains of the notorious "Church of Scientology" to the court and sentenced them to imprisonment or punished them by fine. After the bloody case resulting from "the Movement for the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God", the Ugandan court also issued an order of arrest of the heretic leaders. In November 2000, the Seoul Higher Court of the Republic of Korea also tried Mo Haeng-ryong and his wife Park Kui-dal, founders of the deceitful heretic Chonjonhoe" doomsday cult. At present, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Britain and some other countries have also enacted laws to give punishments to law-breaking members of heretic organizations according to law.

In addition, many countries have set up special organizations to keep close watch on the heretic activities, at the same time they intensify publicity and education, so that the public understand the danger and nature of heresies. As early as 1996, France set up a national heresy observation center chaired by the Prime Minister of the government to supervise and guard against heresies. Switzerland also established in 2000 the first information center watching heretic activities, timely collected information about heretic activities and promptly made them known to the general public., so that the nationals could timely understand the danger of heresies and avoid being taken in. In Belgium, the federal parliament and regional parliaments all set up an anti-heresy investigation committee, there are also government departments at various levels specially in charge of combating heresies, their tasks are to announce the situation regarding heretic activities to the nationals and admonish them to heighten their vigilance against heresies.

Let's see the United States which launches arbitrary attacks on the internal affairs of other countries. In fact, when heresies are endangering the US government and social stability, the US government launched relentless attack on heresies and even repeatedly launched armed annihilation of them. In 1985, the US police flew helicopters to air drop dynamite against the "Fearless" heretic organization. In 1993 when it besieged the stronghold of "Branch Davidian" cult at Waco, Texas, the US government moved out armored cars and tanks in addition to helicopters, its measures were really severe. These facts could be found in newspapers.

The US State Department spokesman, however, adopted a double standard toward the Chinese government's effort in attacking the Falun Gong heretic organization. He criticized this and condemned that, made irresponsible remarks and confused right and wrong. In doing so the United States could only make people regard its action as an attempt to take Falun Gong as a tool to interfere in China's internal affairs. Otherwise, when the Chinese people are strongly condemning the crazy Falun Gong incident of suicidal blaze, and when the Chinese people deeply regret the young girls who became the victims of the heretic Falun Gong, why the US State Department spokesman lost no time to step forward in defense of Falun Gong? The US government could use force to ban the "Fearless" and "Branch Davidian", while the Chinese government, which bans the heretic Falun Gong cult by legal means, was subject to the unwarranted charge by the US official, what kind of logic is this?

What deserves mentioning here is that the reason why the ghost of worldwide heresies remains at large is closely related to the practice of some country which adopts a dual standard on the question of heresy, shields and connives at heretic chieftains, in an attempt to use them as tools to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. In the opinion of the French government, if there were no support and protection given by certain foreign organizations to French members of heretic organizations, the heretic activities in France would not have gone rampant to such an extent. French deputy Alain Vivien, who is in charge of fight against heretic forces, once openly censured the United States for pursuing a double standard on the question of heresy, thinking that the US blame upon France on the issue of heresy was unacceptable for it interfered in France's internal affairs.

(People’s Daily 02/13/2001)