The Tragedy of Falun Gong Practitioners
Chinese Official on Handling of Falun Gong Cult

The Chinese government is reeducating Falun Gong practitioners who have violated relevant laws within China's legal framework, a Chinese anti-cult official said in Beijing Tuesday.

Liu Jing, head of a newly set anti-cult office under the State Council, told a press conference that a number of Falun Gong followers are put under reeducation through labor, not simply because they practiced Falun Gong, but because they have committed slight crimes of violating law and order.

"China's well-established system of reeducation through labor is fully within the country's legal framework. We use it as a special means to reassimilate law violators into society," Liu said.

When asked for comments on the overseas Falun Gong organization's denial of the cult identity of the five people, who set themselves ablaze on Tian'anmen Square last month, Liu said, "It is worth noticing that Li Hongzhi, the cult leader, and his accomplices have recently changed their explanations for the tragic event. Li Hongzhi's foxy statements constitute the best proof for the unforgivable crimes he has committed."

The Office for the Prevention and Handling of Evil Cults under the State Council was established in September 2000, responsible for coordinating China's anti-cult efforts and exchanging views with foreign counterparts on related issues.

(People’s Daily 02/28/2001)