CPPCC Offers Proposals for Government Plan

The 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-05) was a hot topic during the 12th Session of the Standing Committee of the Ninth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, which ended yesterday in Beijing.

The Ninth National Committee of the CPPCC offered more than 100 suggestions after studying the draft Tenth Five-Year Plan on national economic and social development submitted by the State Development Planning Commission last December. Most of the proposals were adopted.

CPPCC subcommittees have carried out massive investigations on more than 40 issues concerning the 10th Five-Year Plan. Their reports have received close attention from the authorities concerned and asserted an important influence on policy-makers.

A proposal concerning the nation's goals for the amount of major technological equipment to be imported in the coming five years was amended. The CPPCC proposal indicated the plan should encourage more manufacturing in China.

The State Economic and Trade Commission is now speeding up the formulation of relevant policies and measures.

Li Ruihuan, chairman of the Ninth National Committee of the CPPCC, called on CPPCC members to focus on socialist democratic constructions and to reflect the opinions of ordinary people.

The 12th Standing Committee meeting was held on the eve of the fourth annual session of the CPPCC National Committee, scheduled for March 3.

The Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee also decided yesterday to hold a series of activities this year to mark the 90th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, which falls on October 10. The Revolution of 1911 ended thousands of years of monarchy in China, and was the first democratic revolution in modern China.

A resolution by the CPPCC said that marking the Revolution of 1911 is crucial in strengthening the unity of the Chinese people for the early reunification of the motherland.

(China Daily 03/01/2001)