Chinese Legislature Convenes A 3-day Session

The Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, opened its 20th session Monday, February 26, to discuss issues concerning the annual NPC plenary session, which is due on March 5.

Members of the NPC Standing Committee will review a draft work report to be presented to the full NPC session, a name list of non-voting delegates to the NPC session and decide on qualifications of newly-elected or added deputies to the NPC.

They will also deliberate the International Convention of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights signed by the Chinese government.

Other law drafts tabled before the lawmakers during the three-day meeting include: a draft law on desert-prevention and treatment, draft amendments to the Pharmaceutical Administration Law and draft amendments to the Law on Regional Autonomy of Ethnic Minorities.

(People's Daily 02/26/2001)