President Jiang on Educational, Health Care Reforms

Chinese president Jiang Zemin called for accelerated reform and development of the educational, medical and health care sectors to serve the cause of socialistic modernization.

Jiang made the remarks Sunday while speaking at a group discussion of the ongoing Fourth Session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee.

Among his audience are CPPCC National Committee members from the educational, medical and health care sectors.

The president stressed that China must carry on educational reform and innovation, increase spending on and accelerate the development of education, which he says is critical to the nation's economic and social development.

Jiang urged the establishment of a medical and health care system adapted to the requirements of a market economy and socialist values.

He mentioned, as areas to be strengthened, medical services in rural areas and the western parts of the country, the prevention and control of major diseases, epidemics and endemics, and reform of medical insurance for urban workers, medical institutions and the medicine marketing system.

The president also spoke of the need to develop and modernize traditional Chinese medicine and strengthen supervision over medicine quality and medicine markets to ensure safe medication for the people.

Li Ruihuan, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee, was present at the group discussion.

(People’s Daily 03/05/2001)