Hu Stresses Stability, Development in Tibet

Chinese Vice-President Hu Jintao stressed the importance of stability and development in Tibet, which he said would serve the interests of Tibetans and promote the modernization of the whole nation.

He made the remarks at a meeting with Tibetan deputies to the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC), in session here since Monday.

The vice-president congratulated the Tibetan delegation for the autonomous region's attainment of its development goal for 2000, set by the central government six years ago.

He said Tibet is now having one of its best periods in terms of stability and development since its peaceful liberation in 1951.

For the preservation of the situation, Hu called for cracking down hard on separatist activities and enhancing patriotic education of teenagers.

While legal religious activities and interests of the religious sector will be protected, illegal activities under the cover of religion must be resolutely stopped and punished according to law, the vice-president said.

Hu stressed the need to accelerate economic development in Tibet, which he said is very important to improving the life of Tibetans, strengthening ethnic unity and maintaining the unity of the motherland.

He urged Tibet to take advantage of the historical chances provided by the west China development strategy, explore new ways for faster development and gradually reduce its gap with the eastern regions.

The vice-president noted that Tibet should focus its efforts on infrastructure construction, scientific and technological education, development of human resources and industries with good market prospects.

(People’s Daily 03/05/2001)