Chinese FM on China's Role in World Affairs

Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said that China will play an increasingly commensurate role in world affairs with the development of its national economy and the rise of its comprehensive national strength in the new century.

He made the remarks during a news conference here Tuesday sponsored by the ongoing fourth session of the Ninth National People's Congress. Tang said that China will unswervingly follow the independent foreign policy of peace.

China will make unremitting diplomatic efforts in the new century to promote domestic modernization, peaceful reunification of the motherland, world peace and international cooperation.

In the first year of the new century, China will be very active in the world diplomatic arena. Not long ago, China successfully organized the Asian Economic Forum in Boao of Hainan Province; in May, the third meeting of Asian-European foreign ministers will be held in Beijing; and in June, the "Shanghai-Five" will have a summit in Shanghai for the sixth time; and another big event is that the ninth informal meeting of APEC leaders will convene in Shanghai. Before and after the meeting, some APEC member country leaders will visit China, and Chinese leaders will also pay some important visits this year.

"I believe that through these diplomatic visits China will further promote its relations, exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world, and strengthen reciprocal understanding and world peace," he said.

(Xinhua 03/06/2001)