Premier Urges Hard Work to Achieve New 5-Year Plan Goals

Premier Zhu Rongji called for working hard to achieve the various tasks set in China's Tenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development (2001- 2005).

Premier Zhu Rongji made the call at a group discussion with Hunan deputies to the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC), in session here since Monday.

Zhu heard opinions and suggestions on the development of agriculture by NPC deputies from his native province.

The premier called the successful completion of the Ninth Five- Year Plan (1996-2000) and the country's second-stage development program a "milestone" in China's modernization drive.

"We should concentrate our efforts on achieving the various tasks set in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, thereby making a firm step forward in attaining the grand goal of modernization in the new century," he said.

Zhu spoke highly of the enormous economic and social progress made by Hunan, with a population of 65 million, which has experienced severe floods for three years running. The province should boost the local economy by seizing development opportunities and making use of its geographical advantages and abundant resources.

The premier suggested that Hunan build more infrastructure, develop science and technology, and boost agriculture and environmental protection. He urged fighting against bureaucracy and formalism and cracking down on gang crimes.

Government officials at all levels must keep in mind the motto of serving the people heart and soul, Zhu stressed.

(People’s Daily 03/07/2001)