CPPCC Chairman Calls for Efforts to Solve Problems of People

CPPCC National Committee Chairman Li Ruihuan Wednesday called on leading cadres at all levels to pay special attention to the difficulties of ordinary people in their daily life.

Although the living standards of the Chinese people have improved markedly on the whole, the pace of progress in some areas is slow, he said. Part of the urban and rural residents have encountered difficulties in their life and in places, people even do not have adequate food and clothing.

"We must take practical measures to attend to their difficulties," said Li, who is a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Li made the call at the group discussion of the Tianjin delegation on Premier Zhu Rongji's report on the draft outline of China's five-year economic and social development plan for 2001- 2005.

The CPPCC chairman criticized some local leaders for their indulgence in lavish styles of public facilities in total disregard of the actual local conditions.

"This is not only an economic problem, but also a problem of style of work that affects the mood of the general public," Li said, adding that the hardship of the people is an important issue that affects social stability.

Li also called for efforts to establish a just and rational income distribution system, improve the social security system, and crack down on crimes to secure a good social order.

(People’s Daily 03/07/2001)