CPPCC Members Stress Sustainable Development in West China Development Drive

Western China should be developed in a sustainable manner, said Members of China's top advisory body Thursday.

During group discussions, members of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee all drew the attention to the harmonious development between man and nature in the drive to develop the western part of the country.

Mr. Yu Ronggen said that it has become an important subject of study as to how to rationally and effectively develop and utilize the rich natural resources in the region while maintaining and protecting the ecological environment.

Such acquired resources, including personnel, technology and information, are playing an increasingly important role in the knowledge economy while the role of natural resources will relatively be declining, said Mrs. Du Ying. The key to maintaining a good ecological environment in the development drive lies in the development of human resources and the rise of the quality of population.

Du Ying warned against the tendency of pure pursuit for economic growth to the neglect of human development in the western China development drive.

CPPCC members agreed that the western region should develop their local specialty advantage industries.

(Xinhua 03/08/2001)