Hu Jintao, Li Lanqing Join NPC Group Discussions

Vice-President Hu Jintao Thursday joined National People's Congress (NPC) deputies from Zhejiang Province in their groups discussions on Premier Zhu Rongji's report to the current NPC session and the draft outline of China's development plan for the next five years.

Hu said it is urgent to work creatively to improve the various management systems and promote progress in science and technology as China is to implement its 10th five-year social and economic development plan for 2001-2005.

This calls for efforts to remove all obstacles in the systems that restrict social productive forces so as to bring the socialist market economic system of the country to perfection, he said.

At the group discussion with NPC deputies from Guizhou Province, Vice-Premier Li Lanqing said priority should be given to the development of science and technology, education and infrastructure facilities and the improvement of the ecological environment for the comprehensive social and economic progress in the western part of the country.

(People’s Daily 03/09/2001)