The Tragedy of Falun Gong Practitioners
Falun Gong Cult Detrimental to Society


I am an 80-year-old grandma and know no English, so I have asked my friend Chen Li to write for me to express my hearty confusions.

Anyone who is psychologically and intellectually normal knows that Falun Gong is an evil cult which is absurd and vicious and Li Hongzhi is a bloody and beastly conspirator who has been controlling his followers simply to attain his own evil goal and wanton political ambition.

Because of him, many people, young and old, have died. Fanatic followers will "sacrifice for a supreme ideal" for Li Hongzhi.

I am 80 years old now and I do not think I am brave enough to burn myself. I am sorry for those young people.

Both the central and local governments have spared no effort to help the followers who were led astray. There is still a small proportion of followers that refuses to come to their senses and they create a succession of bloody incidents, not only annoying people who lead normal and healthy lives, but also producing unbearably bad effects on social stability.

All the Chinese who are striving for a better life and a happier future are expecting the government to take effective measures to have Li Hongzhi pay for all his wrongdoings. The sooner the better.

Chi Jianzhen


(China Daily 03/09/2001)