NPC Deputy Proposes Law on Genetically-Engineered Medicines

A law on the management of genetically-engineered medicines needs to be enacted to promote and systematically standardize the research, development, utilization and transfer of China's genetically-engineered medicines as well as the management of production, sales and safety of such products, according to a motion tabled to the current annual session of the NPC.

The motion was tabled jointly by a group of NPC deputies headed by Prof. Kong Fanchao, president of the mathematics and physics college of Anhui University.

Kong said the genetic technologies are expected to provide a most effective approach to diagnosing diseases, developing new medicines and exploring new cures of diseases.

He said that Chinese scientists have developed gene-transferred test-tube cows, which carry human serum protein genes and can produce milk containing human serum protein. At present, at least 15 varieties of genetically-engineered medicines are on sale in China.

In the United States, however, more than 50 kinds of genetically-engineered medicines are on sale, and 350 are under examination and approval and 2,200 other are being developed.

He suggested that the state take an active attitude toward the R&D of genetically-engineered medicines while being cautious concerning the commercialization of such production.

(People’s Daily 03/12/2001)