Top Legislator on Strengthening Supervision to Curb Corruption

China's top legislator Tuesday urged the National People's Congress (NPC) and local people's congresses to pay great attention to law making and supervision to safeguard a healthy social and economic development.

"Especially in the process of establishing a socialist market economy, efforts are needed to improve the existing legal system, maintain a sound economic order and safeguard a healthy social and economic development," said Li Peng, chairman of the NPC's Standing Committee.

Li made the remarks at separate group discussions with NPC deputies from Shanxi and Zhejiang provinces, who are attending the on-going annual session of the NPC, the highest law- making body in China.

Noting the NPC Standing Committee has enhanced legislation and supervision over economic work, Li said that it is important to stop corruption from the source through legislation and supervision, and that there should be legislation for building a clean government.

He stressed that the rule of law should be combined with the rule of virtue in carrying out the anti-corruption campaign, and that education of officials and the people should be strengthened so that legal awareness would take root in the heart of the people.

"In the effort to prevent and curb corruption, we should treat education as the foundation, a well-functioning legal system as the guarantee and supervision as the key," Li said.

Discussing with NPC deputies from Jiangxi Province, Li said enactment of a supervision law has been listed in the NPC's law- making plan for this year.

He promised, "We'll work harder to submit it to the NPC for deliberation."

(People’s Daily 03/14/2001)