China Seriously Fulfills Sino-US Agreement on Agriculture

China has been earnestly abiding by the Sino-US Agreement on Agriculture and honoring its commitments since it was signed in 1999, said Shi Guangsheng, minster of the foreign trade and economic cooperation at a press conference given during the annual session of the Ninth National People’s Congress which concluded on March 15.

Shi pointed out that China has carried out various measures to implement the Agreement:

1) China closely inspects and imposes strict quarantine requirements on wheat and other grains in accordance with the stipulated regulations and there have been no violations.

2) The State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine has allowed the passage of the entire shipment of American wheat at Chinese ports. In a few cases, transport was delayed, but only because some consumers had changed their applications, which had nothing to do with the Agreement itself.

3) In accordance with relevant protocol signed by the two countries, China has lifted the ban on citrus fruit from Arizona, Taxes and 18 counties in Florida, 21 counties in California except for Los Angeles County, which experts considered had some technical problems and needed more explanatory data. China will lift the ban as soon as these technical problems are settled. There have been no quarantine restrictions on the citrus fruits from the five areas.

4) China has signed a tobacco quarantine protocol with the United States, and is issuing the announcement in accordance with legal procedures.

5) All products that do not meet the quarantine and inspection regulations of China will be handled by agreed procedures. China extends the same treatment to all products from any country.

6) There has been good cooperation between the quarantine departments in both countries for a long time. They have a deep and comprehensive understanding of each other’s regulations. If the United States wants to further understand China’s quarantine regulations, the information can be obtained from the State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine.

7) China has not taken any discriminatory measures against American agricultural products and gives equal treatment to the products from all countries.

All of these aspects fully show that China earnestly abides by the Sino-US Agreement on Agriculture. Shi hoped the United States would also practically carry out its commitments under the Agreement.

(CIIC 03/16/2001)