Overseas Students Pioneer Parks Need Boost

With the current trend of economic globalization, competition for talented people is becoming more and more intense. To attract more overseas scholars, China needs to accelerate the development of overseas student pioneer parks.

Some 320,000 Chinese students studied abroad in 103 countries from 1978 to 1999. Up to now, 110,000 of them have returned China to work in education, scientific research, government and many other fields. There are 56 incubator parks especially set up for them in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities.

The overseas students pioneer parks offer comprehensive aid, including sites, technology services, and funds for daily living, to companies founded by overseas scholars, especially high-tech enterprises. With the help of the pioneer parks, some enterprises have gained a dramatic development. At the same time, the incubator parks have also developed. Shanghai Jiading Incubator Park, for example, now has 148 high-tech companies inside.

Wang Xunzhang, a member attending the recent session of the Ninth Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) meeting, gave some advice on the further development of the pioneer parks.

The parks cannot do without talented people, so they should establish a mechanism, which ensures there is no further brain drain, he said.

Besides, an efficient administration is necessary. Seminars or training classes are an effective way to improve administrative and service work. A routine checking system should be set up to assess park governors’ work. At the same time, the overseas scholars should be encouraged to give suggestions and take part in the government of the pioneer parks.

Fund shortage is the biggest hurdle to the expansion of overseas scholars’ companies. The pioneer parks should try their best to help the companies gain loan, risk investment or scientific research funds. The parks could also become shareholders in some companies. When they succeed, the pioneer parks can recall the funds to aid new companies.

A company founded by overseas Chinese scholars will have a hard time before it develops normally. The time of growing up may be harder than the time of incubation. The pioneer parks should also emphasize close cooperation with those companies that have been incubated for about three years.

(CIIC 03/19/2001)