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Genghis Khan's Mausoleum
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About 700 years ago, Genghis Khan attached Xixia and passed the Ordos Plateau. He saw that the plateau boasts rich water resources and beautiful grass. He felt very happy and was so intoxicated with the scene that he dropped his horsewhip to the ground. His attendants wanted to pick up his horsewhip but were stopped by Genghis Khan. He recited a poem. Later, after Genghis Khan's death, people buried him in the place in line with his will.


In the mausoleum, two horses were raised. It is said that the two white horses were descendents of Genghis Khan's two favorite horses. These two horses received special respect from the Mongolian people. It is said that the ancestors of these two white horses once received Genghis Khan's awards. They are reincarnations of Sa'erle -- the magic horse of the heaven god Huoermudesi. Herdsmen here worshiped them as their idols. The magic horse has bred ever since Genghis Khan's time. When an old white horse dies, people will select a new horse to replace it. The criteria for selection are: dark and bright eyes, black hooves and white hair all over. In addition, the horse should be in pink while, flaming and without any scars on its body.

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