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Nine Songs of Xilingol River
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The best viewing area of Xilingol River is the river bend of Xilin River 13 kilometers to the north of Xilinhot City.


Due to the water flow of the Xilin River in this section, a wide river surface with steep slop in right bank and gentle slope in left bank came into being. Therefore, the riverbed bends frequently, leading to many river bends.


The extremely beautiful river bend became the subject of a special stamp of Xilingol issued in 1998.


The following story is widely known in the area.


Genghis Khan and his wife Queen Bortie went to the south and attacked the Jin Kingdom. They came to Xilin Grassland and rode quickly on their horses. The queen's scarf dropped down to the grassland slightly, but they knew nothing about it. Later, when they looked back, the scarf changed the straight Xilin River with 99 bends, which made the Xilin Grassland even more beautiful. There are large-scaled reeds and other water plants on both sides of the river. These plants decorated each other with river bends, making the landscape too beautiful to describe.


The beautiful river is Xilingol River, the mother-river that surrounds the famous grassland pearl city, Xilinhot City. And the city's name came from the river. "Xilin" means hills and "Guole" means rivers in Mongolian, which can be translated directly into the river in the plateau. The words "Xilinhot" can be translated directly into the city in the plateau.

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