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Property Law a Major Milestone
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The National People's Congress (NPC) adopted the Property Law on Friday. The NPC also passed the Corporate Income Tax Law. The following are excerpts from media comment on the adoption of the laws:

Yanzhao Metropolis Daily: The enforcement of the Property Law is equally, if not more important than the legislation.

The landmark Property Law was adopted after a 14-year debate and one of the most complicated legislative processes in the country's history. The law finally provides equal protection of public and private property.

People say it is a milestone in managing State affairs according to law.

The Property Law legislative process was difficult. During this process, China's political, economic and social life has developed and people's concept of the rule of law and awareness of rights have awakened.

But the law is only a fine start in a more arduous journey to protect citizens' property. No matter how difficult the legislative process is, legislation is not the ultimate goal. The goal is a comprehensive enforcement of the law and effective protection of property rights.

The implementation of the law is a systematic project that needs careful planning.

There were hot debates during the legislative process because of different conceptions and knowledge of some of the law's principles. Now that the law has been passed, no one should refuse to comply with it. This requires an education campaign before the law takes effect in October.

The Property Law is a basic law in civil affairs, which concerns many institutional issues. Its implementation needs a supportive legal system. Otherwise some principles will only remain on paper.

Many principles in the Property Law are different from some of the principles previously embodied in law. Thus we should check past laws and regulations to clear the way for the implementation of the Property Law. This will be a major project that includes checking and revising laws, administrative rules and local regulations as well as judicial interpretations.

There is tough work ahead and a long way to go for the correct and comprehensive enforcement of the Property Law.

Beijing News: The passage of the Property Law shows our past achievements and future development plans.

This is a strong starting point. The Property Law sends out a strong signal that China will deepen its reform and opening-up process. The Corporate Income Tax Law gives equal footing to domestic and foreign-invested companies.

This year's government work report and the motions and proposals by deputies and members have all shown strong concern for the people. A total of 2,023 members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have presented their proposals, ranging from agriculture to public health, education, resources and environmental protection, employment and social security, housing, food and drug safety.

As society develops, public power and private rights need to be further clarified. This is why people have been paying increasing attention to individual rights and legal protection in recent years.

Premier Wen Jiaobao said at the closing press conference, "the speed of a fleet is not determined by the ship which travels the fastest but the one that travels the slowest. If we improve the living conditions of those in difficulty, we improve the well-being of the whole society."

The government should promote equal opportunity in education, implement a pro-active employment policy, narrow the income distribution gap, and build a social security system that covers both rural and urban areas.

Justice is the top value of the socialist system. Social fairness and justice can only be realized through constant institutional construction.

(China Daily March 19, 2007)

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