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Heavenly Beauty of National Music
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Time20:00, November 6,

             20:00, November 7

PlaceThe South Africa State Theatre


Time20:00, November 11

             18:00, November 12


PlaceARTSCAPE Theatre Center, Cape Town




The First SuraTimeless Music


Festival Prelude     

Adapted by Tang Qingshi

Music by Li Huanzhi

Pipa lead: Wang Jingru


World-famous Tunes           

Adapted by Tang Qingshi


Mother's Daughter            

Soprano solo: He Yuan


Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai    

Music by: Tang Qingshi 

Erhu lead: Chen Xin


Face off                     

Performed by Li Xue


The Second Sura: Classical Music and Dance


Night Banquet of Shu Palace     

Music by Tang Qingshi


When a Butterfly Loves a Flower

Music by Feng Qiaohuai  

Choreography by Pan Qi 

Zheng Solo: Shi Yunqian  

Dance: Luo Shasha


On a Moonlit River in Spring

Music by Duan Zexing


Take a Break


The Third SuraExotic Atmosphere



Folk Song of Cuba, Adapted by Feng Qiaohuai   


Brightsome Eyes    

Adapted by Hu Xiaoliu  

Ruan solo: Tang Wenting


Africa Impression             

Adapted by Tang Qingshi


Beautiful Africa              

Yangqin lead: Kong Yu


The Fourth Sura: Colorful Chinese Westward


A Farwell Song from Yi Minority

Music by Wang Huiran

Pipa solo: Wang Jingru


Grapes Harvest         

Music by Zhou Wei

Erhu Solo: Dong Wen


Gada Meilin

Choreography by Shi Wei

Performed by Hao Yiming


Kangding Ballad   

Music by Lin Yaping 

Lead: Dong Wen & Zuo Xiaoyan


Chord and Tita    

Folk Song of Tibet, Adapted by Hu Xiaoliu


Brief Introduction of Program:


Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai:


It is a traditional Chinese instrumental music and dance duet. It is also named Butterfly Lovers and describes a beautiful, sad and sweet, touching love story.


Face off:


This is a tour de force of Sichuan drama art , which has been in circulation through the ages and is famous home and abroad. Performers can change ten different patterns of mask within a few minutes.


Night Banquet in Shu Palace


This music composed based on the stone carving of 24 performers excavated in Qian Shu Yong Ling Mausoleum. There are 24 performers in the carving. Except the two dancing in the middle, the rest 22 are playing various musical instruments. This is a precious music and dancing picture. It is up to date the only complete relic which displays the composition of a royal band in Tang and Qian Shu Dynasty.


South Africa Impression & Beautiful Africa


These two pieces are especially composed for this South African Tour. They are picked out from famous local songs of South Africa and rearranged according to the specialties of Chinese traditional musical instruments in the hope to combine the cultures of China and South Africa through music.


Grapes Harvest:


This tune combines Erhu with dancing to embody the charms of girls in west China, and takes people to the broad expanses of west China through the beautiful rhythm.


Kangding Ballad


This is a very famous traditional love song in Kangding. People get together on Pau Ma (Horse Racing) Mountain every year where horse racing is a local festival. Young men use the opportunity to court their girl friends and sing songs ...


Brief Introduction of the Female Music Band under Sichuan Provincial Dancing and Singing Ensemble


The Female Music Band under Sichuan Dancing and Singing Ensemble was organized in 2001. It consists of 15 professional female players. All the members are versatile, not only good at playing music but also at singing, dancing and performing. For many times it has performed at numerous important occasions. In the year of 2004, it visited Russia with a great success. In August of t 2005, this band performed at "China, honor of guest country, Geneva Festival 2005".




The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China


Department of Arts and Culture of the Republic of South Africa


Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa


( October 29, 2006)


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