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'Modern China' Photography Exhibition
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Dear visitors, before you start your tour, we would like to ask you to pause and search your memory for a minute. What words would cross your mind when it comes to China?


A history and culture of five thousand years? The Great Wall and the Imperial Palace? Or KongFu and the Shaolin Temple?


Yes, these are indeed words typical of China, but China that is known as an ancient oriental empire. When mankind has entered the 21st century, one cannot but wonder what changes China has gone through following its splendid ancient civilization. You may want to ask: What China is really like today? 


Through the camera lens of the photographers, the "Modern China" photography exhibition is trying to give your some answers to these questions. By capturing twinkling moments, our photographers try to tell you the life of ordinary Chinese people, or the changes of detail that have taken place or are taking place in many corners of Chinese cities and villages, while others depict cultural diversification of this multi-nationality country. These works may not have magnificent themes or heart-shaking power, but what they can offer are truthfulness and honesty. When you complete your tour of the whole exhibition, we hope you will have formed your own impression about China, one that is based on reality and one that is absent of decoration with flowery language.


The world is moving forward rapidly, so is China. Indeed, China has undergone great changes compared to 20 years ago. As a country with a population of 1.3 billion, development is the only way for China to improve its people's life and contribute to world peace. The development of China is unpretentious and harmonious, just as the life you can see from this exhibition.


The friendliness of the Chinese people is best evidenced by a Confucius saying: "Isn't it a pleasure to have friends coming from afar"? Chinese people welcome you to look into their life by becoming their friends, and to join them in experiencing a modern China.


We hope this exhibition will be your first step to "Experience China". 


( October 29, 2006)



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