Although more than 50 kinds of minerals have been found in Taiwan, total mineral resources are modest. Coal is the most important, reserves occurring near Taibei and in several other areas of the north amounting to about 254,000,000 tons. Deposits of copper and gold are found in Taibei area. Iron and sand reserves are small. Sulfur and sulfur-pyrite reserves amount to about 2,500,000 tons, with deposits in north of Taipei. Marble and limestone are abundant in Hualian on the east coast, which has reserves of 330,000,000 tons. Dolomite (limestone or marble rich in magnesium carbonate) is mostly deposited near Hualian. Petroleum, phosphorus, and natural gas exist in small quantities and occurrences of manganese, asbestos, talc, glass sand, and other minerals have been found. Salt is produced by the evaporation of seawater. Forest is most abundant in the high mountains. One of the natural resources of Taiwan is camphor laurel, from which a great deal of camphor is produced.