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Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone

Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone (HETDZ) is situated in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. The zone has a planned area of 30 square kilometers, and three centralized parks under its administration.


The climate in Harbin is featured as one of continental monsoon of the mid-temperate climatic zone with highly distinguishable four seasons.

Communication and Transportation
Six main railways including Beijing-Harbin railway and 7 highways join in Harbin, and 19 highways extend from Harbin in all directions to other parts of China. The local airport operates 58 domestic and international airlines carrying goods and passengers to and from over 200 airports in more than 100 countries and regions.

Natural Resources
The local output of soy beans, potatoes, flax, beets and other agricultural produce rank first in China, and surrounding areas of Harbin are prolific in such vital resources as grains, timber, oil and coal.

Human Resources
There are 19 colleges and universities, 521 scientific research institutes of all kinds and nearly 400,000 technical professionals in Harbin. It has the largest number of experts proficient in the Russian language. It also has a high-quality versus low-cost labor force, ranking sixth in terms of comprehensive sci-tech strength among large cities in China.

Industrial Structure
HETDZ consists of two centralized parks, Nangang and Hapinglu. The Nangang Park mainly serves as an incubator for new and high-tech projects and R&D base for enterprises. It is concentrated with centers of finance, insurance, agency services, catering, tourism, cultural, leisure and entertainment as well as the headquarters of large domestic and foreign companies and their branches stationed in Harbin. The Hapinglu Park is a comprehensive industrial base for investment projects of automobile and car parts, pharmaceuticals, food processing, electronics and textiles.

Administration Committee
Tel: 86-451-2294322
Fax: 86-451-2310931

(Source: Ministry of Commerce)

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