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Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone

Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved as state-level deveopment zone in May 1993. The zone has a developed area of 6.98 square kilometers.


Geographical Location
Huizhou Daya Bay Economic & Technological Development Area is situated in the southern part of Huizhou, Guangdong, facing the South Sea, neighboring Shantou on its east and connected to Shenzhen on its west. It is 60 kilometers away from Hong Kong by land, 47 nautical miles away from Zhonghuan wharf of Hong Kong. It will be only 36 kilometers away from the downtown of Shenzhen after the class 1 highway is finished along the coastline between Macau and Shenzhen. The Zone is situated within the economic belt along the line of Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the center of the developed Pearl River Delta economic circle.

Huizhou is in a subtropical marine climate, with temperature averaging 22 degree centigrade.

Communication and Transportation
Huizhou Airport (36 kilometers away from Daya Bay) is a dual function airport for transportation of both passengers and freights. More than 20 domestic airliners have been opened. The modernized Shenzhen International Airport is only 70 kilometers away from Daya Bay.

Huizhou is to be connected to Daya Bay Aotou (Huizhou Port) by Huizhou-Aotou Railway, a branch line of Beijing-Kowloon Railway (51 kilometers long). The project is now under preparation for construction.

The main arterial road of Huizhou city is 46 kilometers long. Shenzhen-Shantou Highway runs along the northwest side of the Zone. The Class-1 Huizhou-Shenzhen Motorway alongside the coastline is 46.96 kilometers long connecting Daya Bay with Shenzhen and 20 km of the motorway is within the Daya Bay, among which 14 kilometers have been constructed. The distance to downtown Shenzhen will be shortened by 36 kilometer after this section is opened for transportation. In the vicinity, there are other arterial expressways and highways between Guangzhou and Shantou and between Guangzhou and Huizhou.

Huizhou Port is surrounded by mountains on three sides with one side open to the sea. There are 26 established berths in a length of 2772 meters. There is one 150,000-tonnage berth, four 10,000-30,000 tonnage berths and twenty-one 800-3000 tonnage berths. The port has a handling capacity of 16 million tons.

Industrial Structure
The main industries are electronic information, steel and iron, energy, paper, petrochemical and warehousing in the port.

Investment Priorities
Infrastructures, port, dock, highway, railway, water supply, electricity, communications; electrics, fine machinery, automobile manufacturing and parts, ships, electromechanical; processing of midstream and downstream petrochemical products, synthetic fiber, plastic materials, fine chemicals, textile; middle and high grade electrical appliances, apparel, food, beverages, agricultural and by products, deep processing of see products; development of coastline, island and forest tours, construction of scenic sites; general development of real estate with focus on high-quality industrial plants and hi-tech agricultures; development of financial serves and the tertiary industry in connection with the large-scale industries.

Administration Committee
Tel: 86-752-5562001
Fax: 86-752-5562068

(Source: Ministry of Commerce)

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