Sino-US Row Helping No One, Says US-Asia Lobby
The row over a United States spy plane and its crew in China will be resolved soon since it helps no one, the head of a US-Asia business lobby group said on Saturday.

Last Sunday, a US Navy patrol aircraft on a spying mission over the South China Sea had a mid-air collision with a Chinese fighter, sparking a standoff between the two countries.

"It doesn't make sense for anybody, not China, not the United States nor certainly ASEAN...for the US-China rhetoric to be wound up like it is," president of the US-ASEAN Business Council Ernest Bower told a news conference.

Speaking after a meeting with Southeast Asian finance ministers, Bower said no one gained from a row he called "unfortunate" for business, adding that he expected a quick resolution.

(China Daily 04/07/2001)


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