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Zhu Rongji on the Record

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"Zhu Rongji on the Record" is a compilation of Zhu's writings. It covers China's reform, opening up and modernization drive. It includes important speeches, articles, letters, and directives. Zhu Rongji is a key Chinese reformer and statesman, and served as Vice Premier of the State Council from April 1991 to March 1998. He later served as Premier, from March 1998 to March 2003. Most of the materials in the book are being published for the first time. The Chinese edition of the book was published in Chinese mainland in 2011, and was very well received. The two-volume English edition includes 112 speeches, articles, letters, and directives selected by Zhu himself from the 348 articles in the four-volume Chinese edition. The English edition of the book is published by the Foreign Languages Press of the CIPG and the Brookings Institution Press in the U.S. Both Henry A. Kissinger, former U.S. secretary of state and Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of West Germany wrote prefaces.

Translator: June Mei

Publisher: Foreign Language Press