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Community-Level Self-Governance

(Political Development)

Updated:2014-11-18 |

Community-Level Self-Governance

China’s increasing prosperity and progress have been accompanied by greater democracy at the community level in both urban and rural areas throughout the country, increased orderly participation of its citizens in political life, and a multiplication of democratic practices. Community-level democratic self-governance involves, interalia , a network of rural villagers’ committees, urban residents’ committees and workers’ congresses. Within these organizations people can directly participate in elections, policy-making, management and oversight. They are responsible for the public affairs and non-profit undertakings of their organizations. Community-level self-governance has become the most direct and extensive form of democracy in China today. As of November 2012, over 98 percent of China’s villagers’ committees had been elected directly; 85 percent of the villages had villagers’ committees or congresses; and 89 percent of the urban communities had residents’ congresses.