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Chinese-Foreign Languages Translation Discussions

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The Translation Association of China established the Committee of Chinese-Foreign Languages Translation in 1991 in a bid to rectify the country's translation market, improve translation quality and facilitate the healthy development of China's international communications.

The agency was renamed the International Communications Translation Committee in 2002. The committee is comprised of experts and scholars from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Defense, the International Department of the CPC, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, Xinhua News Agency, China International Publishing Group, the Central Translation and Compilation Bureau, China Daily, China Radio International, People's Daily Online and, in addition to other members in the academic field.

The committee's principal mission is to conduct academic discussions of translations from Chinese into foreign languages. The committee maintains three seminar groups – one on Chinese-English translations, one on Chinese-French translations and one on Chinese-Japanese translations – which regularly hold discussions about how to translate new words and how to work with difficult expressions that have recently emerged in Chinese politics, economics, and social and cultural affairs.

The TAC's official website,, will publish the results of discussions regarding the officially authorized translation of Chinese into foreign languages under its Chinese Translation Standards section.