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The Four-Pronged Strategy


Updated:2015-09-08 |

The Four-Pronged Strategy

The Four-pronged Strategy was first put forth by Xi Jinping during an inspection tour of Jiangsu Province in December 2014. The strategy calls for completing the process of building a moderately well-off society, pursuing an all-round in-depth reform, implementing a comprehensive framework for promoting the rule of law, and launching an allout effort to enforce strict Party discipline.

These four components of the strategy are mutually reinforcing. The completion of the process of building a moderately well-off society is the overall goal set by the CPC at its 18th National Congress. The pursuit of further reform and the promotion of the rule of law work side by side, like both wings of a bird or the two wheels of a chariot, to propel the country toward smooth realization of the goal. Efforts to strengthen Party discipline serve to ensure progress in all areas. The strategy provides an overall framework for the exercise of governance by China’s new central leadership.