Targeted approach toalleviating poverty

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Updated:2016-02-26 |

Targeted approach toalleviating poverty

At the closure of the Central Economic Work Meeting on December 11, 2014, the central leadership floated the idea of a targeted approach toalleviating poverty. On June 18, 2015, during his visit to Guizhou Province, Xi Jinping once more raised the subject, which he believes will determine the success of the poverty alleviation drive. It has subsequently become a hot topic among the general public. In its Proposal for Formulating the 13th Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, released in November 2015, the 18th CPC Central Committee specified targeted measures to be taken in the coming five years.

Targeted efforts are designed to ensure that average income statistics would not eclipse the true living conditions of many in hardship. Such efforts require attention to detail. Greater emphasis will be laid upon identifying low-income groups in need of assistance, so that they will receive due attention and their basic standard of living will be guaranteed.

The central leadership proposed such a targeted approach at a time when China faces a daunting challenge in its efforts to eliminate the final pockets of poverty across the country. To ensure that poverty reductionefforts are fully effective, Xi Jinping called for policies and programs of assistance to be tailored for the needs of individual families in conjunction with targeted funding and village-specific expert support, and to be pursued with a results-oriented focus.