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Made in China 2025

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Made in China 2025

On May 8, 2015, China's State Council unveiled its first 10-year national plan for transforming China's manufacturing, entitled "Made in China 2025". The plan is designed to put China on a new path to industrialization, with greater emphasis on innovation, expanded use of new-generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, consolidation of the industrial base, integration of industrial processes and systems, and a robust multilayer talent development structure. Measures taken in this respect will facilitate China's transformation from a manufacturing giant with a focus on quantity to one with a qualitative edge.

Specifically, the ten-year plan envisions the successful completion by 2020 of the process of basic industrialization, further consolidating China's position as a manufacturing powerhouse that increasingly relies on cutting-edge information technology. It also foresees a significant leap in China's overall manufacturing capability by 2025, characterized by markedly reinforced innovative ability, greatly improved overall productivity, and a new level of integration of industrial processes and information technology.

The implementation of the plan will expand the scope for cooperation between China and the rest of the world in a joint effort to propel new progress in the global manufacturing sector.