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Development for the benefit of all

(13th Five-year Plan)

Updated:2016-03-01 |

Development for the benefit of all

Development for the benefit of all, the fifth of China's five concepts fordevelopment, is aimed at promoting social equity and justice. Ensuring universal enjoyment of the fruits of reform and development is what our socialist ideals call for, and most aptly reflects the advantages of our socialist system. It also embodies the ultimate goal of the Communist Party of China to whole-heartedly serve the people.

Development for the benefit of all is about empowering the people to reach their full potential in an enabling environment conducive to safeguarding equity and justice. The 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020) lists the following measures to this end:

• expanding access to public services;

• effectively implementing poverty-alleviation projects;

• improving the quality of education;

• creating more jobs;

• narrowing the income gap;

• building a more equitable and sustainable social security system;

• improving healthcare services; and

• promoting balanced population growth.