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National big data strategy

(13th Five-year Plan)

Updated:2016-07-27 |

National big data strategy

Big data features huge capacity, diverse variables, speedy storage and retrieval, and high values in application.

Big data featured prominently in the Report on the Work of the Government delivered by Premier Li Keqiang in March 2014. At the Fifth Plenary Session of its 18th Central Committee held in October 2015, the CPC announced its plan to “execute a national big data strategy and promote opening and sharing of data resources.” This shows that China now sees big data as a strategic resource and has devised a national strategy for its utilization, aiming to boost economic growth, improve social governance, and reinforce government capability in service provision and scrutiny.

This move will enable the Chinese government to gravitate from “authority-based governance” to “data-based governance” – creating a higher level of interaction with the public – and enhance its ability to handle various incidents and problems with the aid of intelligence technology. In the course of this strategy China also aims to accelerate R&D in core technologies and apply the results in practice, thereby sharpening its competitive edge so as to seize and secure the initiative in future development.