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The "Internet Power" Strategy

(13th Five-year Plan)

Updated:2016-07-27 |

The "Internet Power" Strategy

The "Internet Power" strategy aims to put China, a country with an extensive cyber presence, on track to an Internet technology leader. The strategy was proposed by Xi Jinping in February 2014. It calls for developing core Internet technologies, promoting a healthy cyber culture, strengthening IT infrastructure, improving talent management, and expanding Internet-related international cooperation. At its fifth plenary session in October 2015, the 18th CPC Central Committee incorporated the "Internet Power" strategy into the 13th Five-year Plan, further clarifying its strategic importance. This move was prompted by a growing understanding of the imperatives to pursue the development of information technology and the Internet and modernization, and the trends of globalization. Under the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020), China will step up efforts to encourage technological innovation, build a healthy cyber culture, strengthen infrastructure and cyber security, increase the use of information technology, and expand international cooperation as part of its "Internet Power" strategy. The goal is to provide easy access to IT infrastructure, enhance innovation, bolster the information economy, and ensure cyber security.