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Upholding the primacy of the people

(13th Five-year Plan)

Updated:2016-07-27 | By:中国网

Upholding the primacy of the people

The people are the major force behind social productivity, social life and social history. This is the basic tenet of Marxism. Since the day of its founding, the CPC has devoted itself to ensuring the position of the people as masters of the country. At the Fifth Plenary Session of its 18th CPC Central Committee held in October 2015, the CPC spelled out six principles on which China must remain steadfast, the most important of which is to uphold the primacy of the people.

This principle requires that China’s starting points and ultimate goals must focus on increasing general public wellbeing and achieving the well-rounded development of the individual, so that the country’s development will always be for the benefit of the people.

Like other fundamental tenets of the CPC – that the people are the main force in pressing for sustainable development, the mainstay in promoting the rule of law, and the main creators of an advanced society, economy, and culture – this principle upholds Marxism and respects the primacy of the people in the country. It represents the core philosophy followed by Xi Jinping and other members of the current central leadership in governing the country.