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Strategy of human resources

(13th Five-year Plan)

Updated:2016-07-27 |

Strategy of human resources

A country’s wealth in human resource is a key indicator of its overall strength. At the Fifth Plenary Session of its 18th Central Committee in October 2015, the CPC made its strategy of human resources a top priority. This is a measure of its great respect for learning and for human resources.

To execute the strategy during the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020), China will give priority to the following four areas:

1. innovating and reforming institutions involved in HR development, and improving relevant policies, so as to intensify China’s ability to compete on the international stage;

2. fully exploiting human resources, optimizing the distribution of academic and vocational disciplines and training, and furthering reform of the factors influencing the allocation of resources by the market, so as to promote an orderly flow of people, capital, and R&D output between urban and rural areas, enterprises, institutes of higher learning, and research organizations;

3. adjusting the workforce with an emphasis on developing high-caliber, high-tech, and urgently-needed talent, and launching a program for identifying, training, and attracting strategic scientists, leading figures in technology, promising entrepreneurs, and highly skilled professionals;

4. introducing to the workforce a large number of urgently-needed professionals.