A Holistic View of National Security

(On International Situation and Diplomatic Strategies)

Updated:2016-12-20 | By:China.org.cn

A Holistic View of National Security

In April 2014, while presiding over the first meeting of the National Security Commission of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping emphasized the need to take a holistic view of national security. Through such an approach, a full spectrum of security issues are assessed, ranging from human security, which is the ultimate concern, political security, which is of overarching importance, and economic security, which underpins all other considerations, to military, cultural and social perspectives, which reinforce efforts in other areas, and the promotion of international security, which provides support for measures taken in a national context. Along this line of thinking we are setting out to build a national security system with Chinese characteristics.

Such a holistic approach calls for a focus on both internal and external security. Internally, it is essential to promote development, continue reform, maintain stability, and create a safe environment. Externally, we should promote international peace, seek cooperation and mutual benefit, and strive to bring harmony to the world. Homeland security and the security of our citizens are both of paramount importance. All initiatives taken in this respect will be people-centered, and implemented for the people, on the basis of the people's needs, and with the support of the people. Security issues, both traditional and non-traditional, will be taken into account. The national security system we envisage will integrate not only political security and homeland security, but also security-related military, economic, cultural, and social concerns, science and technology, and information, ecological, resource, and nuclear security. Development issues will be considered in tandem with security issues. Development provides a basis for security, whereas security constitutes a necessary condition for development. Only a prosperous country can build a strong military, and only a strong military can defend our country. Our national security must also be viewed in the context of international security. For the sake of our international community with a shared future, we should all work towards our goal of satisfying the world's security needs in a way that is beneficial to all.