Mongolia: “Steppe Road” Program

(The Belt and Road Initiative)

Updated:2017-04-20 |

Mongolia: “Steppe Road” Program


Unveiled in November 2014, Mongolia’s “Steppe Road” Program relies on its strategically important location on the Eurasian continent to reinvigorate its economy by improving transport and trade.


With an estimated investment of US$50 billion, projects envisioned under the “Steppe Road” Program include a 997-kilometer-long expressway linking China and Russia, 1,100 kilometers of power transmission lines, and expansion of existing railways as well as gas and oil pipelines.


The Mongolian government believes that the program will bring business opportunities to the areas the new arteries traverse, and improve productivity in many sectors. It will benefit, in particular, Mongolia’s pillar industries – energy and mining – and provide them with a launching pad for transformational change. As the leaders of China and Mongolia have affirmed on multiple occasions, the Belt and Road Initiative and the “Steppe Road” Program dovetail neatly with each other and will contribute to development efforts of both countries.