India: Project Mausam

(The Belt and Road Initiative)

Updated:2017-04-20 |

India: Project Mausam


Project Mausam is a foreign policy initiative of the Indian government under Narendra Modi. It envisions a new platform for cooperation in the vast area extending from the South Asian subcontinent to other parts of the Indian Ocean littoral, in which India will play the leading role.

Rooted in the history of trade between the littoral countries deeply influenced by Indian culture, the project pushes for renewed collaboration among these countries in the exploration of maritime resources, and trade.


Initially proposed as a cultural program, Project Mausam is now evolving into a quasi-strategic initiative with diplomatic and economic reverberations.

India was a major staging post on the ancient Silk Road routes on the sea, and today it is an important partner of China in advancing the Belt and Road Initiative. There is no conflict between “Project Mausam” and China’s initiative in either structure or nature; on the contrary the two can be readily aligned and even integrated.