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The Xiong'an New District

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Updated:2018-12-03 |

The Xiong’an New District

The Xiong’an New District is a national-level development zone established on April 1, 2017, by a decision of the CPC Central Committee headed by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the State Council. The New District includes Xiongxian County, Rongcheng County and Anxin County in Hebei Province, and some areas adjacent to the three counties. The decision is one of historic significance, which puts Xiong’an alongside Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New District as the third new district with nationwide influence. It is an important event for the nation and a grand plan for the long-term development of the country. Emphasis will be placed on the following seven areas as the New District is being built:

–to build a green, modern and smart world class city;

–to build an eco-friendly city with lush landscape with grass, trees and water;

–to develop high-end and high-tech industries with all the necessary inputs and resources for innovation to create new growth drivers;

–to provide high quality public services and build excellent city facilities to create a new model for urban management;

–to build a green public transit system with rapid and efficient transportation;

–to promote structural and institutional reforms that will allow the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and for the government to play its role as a catalyst to market activities; and

–to open up to the outside world on all fronts, with expanded areas of openness and new initiatives for cooperation with other countries.

Establishing the Xiong’an New District is a move of immediate and far-reaching significance as it will helprelocate non-essential functions from Beijing, the nation’s capital, to neighboring locations, and explore a new model of optimized and coordinated development in a region with a dense population. It will help adjust the economic structure and rationalize space utilization to create a new engine for innovation-driven development.