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"Green Mountains Are Gold Mountains"

(National Governance)

Updated:2018-12-03 |

"Green Mountains Are Gold Mountains"

The comparison of green mountains with gold mountains was first made by Xi Jinping in 2005 when he was secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, he has on multiple occasions reiterated this idea. While visiting Kazakhstan in 2013, he said, “We want to have not only mountains of gold, but also mountains of green. If we must choose between the two, we would rather have the green than the gold. And in any case, green maintains are themselves gold mountains.”

This metaphor reflects a people-centered approach to people’s wellbeing, an approach that emphasizes the importance of harmony between man and nature, and embodies the unwavering resolve of the Party and the government to preserve and protect the natural environment. It also represents a fundamental shift in our development strategies, requiring respect and protection for nature in our development efforts. Resource conservation and environmental protection have thus been incorporated into our basic national policy, along with economic, political, cultural and social development. The goal is to place China on a path to green development, so as to build a beautiful China.