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The Battle Against Poverty

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Updated:2019-04-16 |

The Battle Against Poverty

Over the past 40 years since reform and opening up started, China has made great economic and social progress, lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, accounting for over 70 percent of the global poverty reduction during the period.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has implemented targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures, increased input in poverty alleviation programs, and found new ways to advance the work. More than 60 million people have escaped poverty, and the poverty headcount ratio has dropped from 10.2 percent to less than 4 percent, all of which represent remarkable achievements.

China has helped more people out of poverty than any other country. It is also the first country to complete the UN Millenium Goal. However, the task still remains tough. By the end of 2017, there were still 30 million people living in poverty, and a fairly large number of them lived in remote places and border regions with harsh natural conditions. These are the heaviest burden to the Party and government.

Seeing that poor people and poor areas will enter the moderately prosperous society together with the rest of the country is a solemn promise made by the CPC. The report to the 19th CPC National Congress set the task of winning the battle against poverty. It demanded efforts to mobilize the energies of the whole Party, whole country, and whole society, and continue to implement targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures. We will operate on the basis of a working mechanism whereby the central government makes overall plans, provincial-level governments take overall responsibility, and city and county governments ensure implementation; and we will strengthen the system for making heads of Party committees and governments at each level assume the overall responsibility for poverty alleviation.

Poverty alleviation is an all-encompassing campaign. We will pay particular attention to helping people increase confidence in their own ability to lift themselves out of poverty and see that they can access the education they need to obtain. We will strengthen collaboration on poverty alleviation between the eastern and western regions; and we will provide focused assistance to areas of extreme poverty. We must ensure that by the year 2020, all rural residents living below the current poverty line have been lifted out of poverty, and poverty is eliminated in all poor counties and regions. Poverty alleviation should reach those who truly need it and deliver genuine outcomes.