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The “Four Malfeasances”

(On Governance)

Updated:2019-04-16 |

The “Four Malfeasances”

During a work conference in June 2013, on the campaign to educate Party members about the mass line, Xi Jinping pointed out that there were numerous instances of the Party losing its connection with the people. These were manifested in the “Four Malfeasances”: going through the motions, excess bureaucracy, self-indulgence and extravagance. We must undertake a major clean-up of the negative effects of these phenomena.

The “Four Malfeasances” are contrary to the nature and mission of the CPC. They are detested by the people and provoke the strongest feelings, and they are a major cause of damage to relations between the Party and the people. Other problems existing within the CPC are all related to or have derived from these “Four Malfeasances.”

Their elimination must start with those issues of greatest concern and greatest urgency to the people. Efforts should focus on inappropriate conduct which directly touches on the people; the impact of improvements should reach all the way to the grassroots and let the people truly feel the benefits, and we must work for results that satisfy the people.