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Taking Real Action in Reform

(On Governance)

Updated:2019-04-16 |

Taking Real Action in Reform

Ever since the 18th CPC National Congress, Xi Jinping has spoken many times about taking “real action,” and demanded the leading officials to take real action in reform. While chairing the 14th meeting of the Leading Group for Further Reform Under the CPC Central Committee in July 2015, he emphasized that leading officials should “both promote reform and take real action in reform.”

This demand was made because reform has never been smooth sailing, nor can reformers rest on their laurels. Determination and confidence in reform are demonstrated and tested by actions and results. One cannot just express approval without taking the lead, or take command without leading the charge. Particularly in the crucial period when China is expanding in-depth reform in all respects, the key to the effectiveness of major measures lies in whether they can be strictly implemented, in whether all government departments and leading officials at all levels can strictly implement them and do sound, hard work.

“Better to roll up your sleeves than to shout yourself hoarse.” To leading officials at all levels, taking real action in reform means doing what as Xi Jinping demands ­­­– “not only taking personal charge and being in the lead, but also daring to take up the heaviest burdens and tackle the hardest tasks.”