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Top-Level Design and “Crossing the River by Feeling for Stones”

(On Governance)

Updated:2019-04-16 |

Top-Level Design and “Crossing the River by Feeling for Stones”

There are no precedents for China’s reform and opening up. It is therefore necessary to take a correct approach and advance through trial and practice.

The relationship between top-level design and “crossing the river by feeling for stones” (feeling the way proceeding by careful and limited experimentation – “feeling the way” so to speak) is one of the major relationships that must be handled well in the course of comprehensively expanding the in-depth reform that Xi Jinping has called for.

“Feeling the way” is a method of reform that is distinctively Chinese and appropriate to China’s conditions. The effort is aimed at seeking objective laws from practice. There is a dialectical unity between top-level design and feeling the way. Top-level design and regional and short-term implementation should be mutually reinforcing processes. Macro planning and top-level design are needed to advance reform in a systematic, integrated and coordinated way. Meanwhile, bold experiments and breakthroughs are encouraged to bring reform to a deeper level.