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Enabling the People to Have a Stronger Sense of Benefit

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Updated:2019-04-16 |

Enabling the People to Have a Stronger Sense of Benefit

The 10th meeting of the Leading Group for Further Reform under the CPC Central Committee, chaired by Xi Jinping, was held on February 27, 2015. At this meeting, he pointed out that the various tasks of reform had to be scientifically planned, and that the value of reform had to be put on full display so that the people had a stronger sense of benefit.

A “sense of benefit” is the sense of satisfaction that people derive from obtaining some material or non-material gain. “Enabling the people to have a stronger sense of benefit” means that they should not only “benefit” from the goals, prospects and anticipated development, but also have actual “benefits” which they can see, own and allocate and which will continue to be enhanced in the course of future development. A “sense of benefit” emphasizes actual objective “benefits,” both material and non-material. This term made possible the use of measurable indicators of benefits obtained by the people; it was very positively received by them and became the first of the “10 most popular phrases” of 2015.

The suggestion drive to “enable the people to have a stronger sense of benefit” demonstrates the CPC’s commitment to its mission to serve the public and govern for the people, and its adherence to the people-centered philosophy of development. It demonstrates the fundamental principle that society must be built by all, to be enjoyed by all, and the guiding value that the aim of reform and innovation is to improve the wellbeing of the people.