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Modernizing the National Governance System and Capacity

(On Governance)

Updated:2019-04-16 |

Modernizing the National Governance System and Capacity

At its third plenary session, which was held in November 2013, the 18th CPC Central Committee stated that the overarching goal of comprehensively expanding in-depth reform is to refine and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to modernize the national governance system and capacity. The governance system and capacity of a country are embodied in its institutions and its ability to execute the institutions.

China’s national governance system is a system of institutions for managing the country under the CPC leadership. These include economic, political, cultural, social, ecological and Party development mechanisms and institutions, as well as laws, regulations and plans. These are a complete set of tightly linked and coordinated national institutions.

China’s national governance capacity are defined by its ability to use these institutions to manage various aspects of society, including reform, development and stability; internal affairs, foreign relations and national defense; and governance of the Party, the nation and the armed forces.

The governance system and capacity are mutually complementary and holistically integrated; there must be a good governance system in order to improve governance capacity, and capacity must be improved if the system is to be fully effective.

Modernizing the national governance system means adapting to changing times and reforming institutions, laws and regulations which are unsuited to the needs of development, while at the same time constantly establishing new institutions, laws and regulations, so that all institutions become efficient and complete, thereby making the governance of the Party, of the state and of the society more institutionalized, more standardized and more procedure-oriented.

Modernizing the national governance capacity means placing more emphasis on governance capacity building, raising the awareness of acting in accordance with the law and regulations, improving the ability to use the institutions and laws to manage the country, turning institutional strengths into national governance capacities, and enhancing the capacity to govern systematically, democratically and in accordance with the law.

Modernizing the national governance system and capacity is a requirement for refining and developing Chinese socialism, and it is necessary for achieving socialist modernization.