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Enforcing Strict Party Self-Governance

(On Governance)

Updated:2019-04-17 |

Enforcing Strict Party Self-Governance

During his inspection tour in Jiangsu Province in December 2014, Xi Jinping emphasized the need to conduct strict Party self-governance, bringing it to an unprecedented level of importance.

The key to national governance is a well-functioning and well-disciplined Party. To have the courage to carry out self-reform and conduct strict self-governance is the most distinctive part of the CPC’s character.

Central to the campaign to enforce strict Party discipline is strong Party leadership. The campaign must be wide-ranging, reaching more than 80 million members and more than four million subsidiary organizations, covering all aspects and all branches of the Party structure.

Enforcing strict Party discipline should be approached from political awareness, Party development measures, enforcement of ethical standards, anti-corruption mechanisms and institution building.

It must be vigorous, accompanied by forceful, bold and sustained measures. It must be effective to ensure greater accountability within the Party, from the Central Committee to Party committees at the provincial, municipal and county levels, and from central Party organizations and groups in national government agencies to branches at grassroots levels. Party secretaries are required to shoulder Party development tasks as an integral part of their duty. Party disciplinary commissions at all levels are tasked with conducting oversight and enforcing accountability.

Above all, Party organizations at all levels and all members and officials must abide by the Party’s guidelines on internal political conduct and its various rules. Political awareness initiatives and institution building should go hand in hand. With an oversight focus on the “key few,” stronger institutional constraints must be in place at all levels, and so must more institutional oversight over the Party, over any exercise of authority, and over officials.

The Party incorporates the need to enforce strict Party discipline as one of the four key components in its Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy in response to changes both within itself and in the world under the new historical conditions. This is a journey to which there is no end.