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Advancing Law-Based Governance

(On Governance)

Updated:2019-04-17 |

Advancing Law-Based Governance

A comprehensive agenda for promoting the rule of law was launched by the fourth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in October 2014. Promoting the rule of law is indispensable to promoting socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In view of the problems, risks and challenges China faces in moving forward with further reform, and ensuring development and stability, a rule-of-law culture has become more important than ever before in addressing these challenges.

The broad goal is to build a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics where the rule of law is respected. To this end, it is necessary to have in place a complete set of legal norms, efficient enforcement measures, rigorous oversight mechanisms, effective legal protections, and a complete body of internal Party regulations.

The comprehensive process of promoting the rule of law should ensure that the Constitution and laws are fully complied with in national governance and in the exercise of political and executive power. Coordinated efforts should be made to strengthen our legal system and legal awareness throughout the country, at all levels of the government, and in all sectors of society, so as to ensure the rationality of our legislative process, universal adherence to and strict enforcement of all laws, and impartial administration of justice.

It is also essential in this regard to ensure and foster social equity and justice so that people feel that justice is done in all cases. Leadership by the Party is indispensable throughout the process of promoting the rule of law. Promoting the rule of law is a system engineering project, a revolution in China’s governance with wide-ranging ramifications.